22. november 2011 at 13:05 | McFlurry
někdo na roleplay harry pottera - bradavic? potřebujeme studenty i učitele! dejte mi vědět tady nebo na mailu splním vám pak jakékoliv přání ;D

hey you! anyone wants to roleplay HOGWARTS? visit my new page and let me know here ;) i'll love yaa till death :D ♥

PS: jo a dávám vědět že mám po záákazuuuu!!! ♥♥♥:DDD

Roleplaying - úvod

25. october 2011 at 19:35 | McFlurry
This article is about one of my biggest passions - roleplaying. In czech translation it is something like ''playing the hero'' but I prefer original name. A roleplayer is someone who is via their character living cyberlife. It is like a character in book and the storyline is written is by you. There are also (maybe a bit less creative) people who are roleplaying story we know very well. I mean movies, tv series, books etc. In my opinion most popular is Twilight (yeah yeah we know) and The Vampire Diaries (especially Damon and Kathrine).

I've been roleplaying since I was about 7 but of course it was czech roleplay and I was totally lost in it. Totally!
With english roleplay I started 3 years later that means when I was about 10. (Sounds like sooo little age but believe me I felt like so mature and adult while roleplaying xD). I can say that this year will be the 9th in my roleplay life. I've came through something these years so now I am not fancing myself but I DO KNOW a lot about roleplaying.

The world is missing epic roleplayers!
Yes, epic roleplayers are the most wanted in adult group of roleplayers (that means 18+ or 21+ but with good english you can join them if you are barely over 13 :P). I'll be talking about differences between epic/one liners later on.